Traders from all over the world trust us. We value this trust and care about the safety and reliability of investments and deposits.
Why is it safe to work with us?
Funds protection
Client deposits are not used by us and are placed separately from the company's operating funds in the best banks in the European Union.
Reliability of the broker
To guarantee the stability of the withdrawal of funds, we carry out constant monitoring and audit of the broker's activities.
Data transfer protection
Unique encryption technology for data transmission guarantees secure communication with customers and employees, preserves confidential customer information and protects funds during deposit and withdrawal. Server authentication and user authentication policies ensure that data is sent to the correct client server.
Multiple trading platforms
The unified system of insurance of deposits and deposits of the UK for residents and non-residents of the country, covers commercial, investment banks and financial institutions. Amounts up to £ 2,000 are insured for 100% of the amount, up to £ 33,000 for 90%, up to £ 100,000 for 75% (or the equivalent if converted to the currency of your deposit).
Protection of client deposits
Ongoing trading and technical support helps to improve traders' strategies and avoid repeating mistakes in trading.
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Viamarketsgo does not issue or sell cryptocurrencies and is not a digital currency exchange service provider. Viamarketsgo is not an issuer of OTC derivatives such as CFDs on various underlying instruments or other assets, including cryptocurrencies.

Risk warning. Derivative trading carries a high level of risk. When choosing an instrument for trading, take into account the possible volatility, spread, as well as your margin cushion.

Viamarketsgo is an investment company whose liquidity provider is RT Sale LTD. The company's head office is located at 52 Lime Street, LONDON, EC3M 7AF

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